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This function previews a ggplot in its actual dimensions in order to see how it will look when saved. It is also significantly faster than the default preview in RStudio for ggplots created using mlbplotR.


  plot = ggplot2::last_plot(),
  width = NA,
  height = NA,
  asp = NULL,
  dpi = 300,
  device = "png",
  units = c("in", "cm", "mm", "px"),
  scale = 1,
  limitsize = TRUE,
  bg = NULL,



Plot to save, defaults to last plot displayed.

width, height, units

Plot size in units ("in", "cm", "mm", or "px"). If not supplied, uses the size of current graphics device.


The aspect ratio of the plot calculated as width / height. If this is a numeric value (and not NULL) the height of the plot will be recalculated to height = width / asp.


Plot resolution. Also accepts a string input: "retina" (320), "print" (300), or "screen" (72). Applies only to raster output types.


Device to use. Can either be a device function (e.g. png), or one of "eps", "ps", "tex" (pictex), "pdf", "jpeg", "tiff", "png", "bmp", "svg" or "wmf" (windows only).


Multiplicative scaling factor.


When TRUE (the default), ggsave() will not save images larger than 50x50 inches, to prevent the common error of specifying dimensions in pixels.


Background colour. If NULL, uses the plot.background fill value from the plot theme.


Other arguments passed on to the graphics device function, as specified by device.


No return value, called for side effects.


# \donttest{

team_abbr <- valid_team_names()
# remove league logos from this example
team_abbr <- team_abbr[!team_abbr %in% c("AL", "NL", "MLB")]

df <- data.frame(
  random_value = runif(length(team_abbr), 0, 1),
  teams = team_abbr

# use logos for x-axis
# note that the plot is assigned to the object "p"
p <- ggplot(df, aes(x = teams, y = random_value)) +
  geom_col(aes(color = teams, fill = teams), width = 0.5) +
  scale_color_mlb(type = "secondary") +
  scale_fill_mlb(alpha = 0.4) +
  theme_minimal() +
  theme(axis.text.x = element_mlb_logo())

# preview p with defined width and aspect ratio (only available in RStudio)
if (rstudioapi::isAvailable()){
  ggpreview(p, width = 5, asp = 16/9)
# }