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The code for this package was copied heavily from nflplotR with minor changes to support Major League Baseball logos.

The goal of mlbplotR is to provide functions and geoms that help with visualizations of MLB related analysis. It provides ggplot2 geoms that do the heavy lifting of plotting MLB logos in high quality, with correct aspect ratio, and possible transparency.


The easiest way to get mlbplotR is to install it from CRAN with:


To get a bug fix or use a feature from the development version, you can install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


Let’s plot every team on a grid with some extra customization:


teams_colors_logos <- mlbplotR::load_mlb_teams() |> 
  dplyr::filter(!team_abbr %in% c("AL", "NL", "MLB")) |> 
    a = rep(1:6, 5),
    b = sort(rep(1:5, 6), decreasing = TRUE),
    alpha = ifelse(grepl("A", team_abbr), 1, 0.75), # Keep alpha == 1 for teams that have an "A"
    color = ifelse(grepl("E", team_abbr), "b/w", NA) # Set teams that have an "E" to black & white

 ggplot2::ggplot(teams_colors_logos, aes(x = a, y = b)) +
   mlbplotR::geom_mlb_logos(aes(team_abbr = team_abbr, color = color, alpha = alpha), width = 0.075) +
   ggplot2::geom_label(aes(label = team_abbr), nudge_y = -0.35, alpha = 0.5) +
   ggplot2::scale_color_identity() +
   ggplot2::scale_alpha_identity() +

There is a getting started guide that will walk you through more use cases for the package.


  • Open an issue if you’d like to request specific data or report a bug/error.